When you combine high school sweethearts with big open fields & a Georgia sunset, you have the recipe for some incredible photos. I had such a blast hanging out with Josh & Sophia (+ their fur babies!) last weekend, & this is one of my favorite sessions to-date! They met when they were 15 & 16, & have been together ever since. It is incredibly obvious to anyone who is around them that time has only increased their love for one another, not diminished it in the least. It seems like the world has forgotten what young love looks like, & the power it can have. Thankfully, Josh & Sophia know all too well how important forever is. I hope you guys enjoy some of my favorites from our session (there were so many to choose from!!), & don't forget to ALWAYS celebrate love! Because really, what else is more important to celebrate?

From Josh: What I love most about Sophia is her compassion & love for helping other people. She has the most optimistic personality of anyone I know, & she inspires me to aim for my full potential in everything I do.

From Sophia: My favorite thing about being with Josh is that we have gotten to grow up together. He knows everything about me, so it's easy for him to make me smile or laugh with just a look. I have been so lucky to be by his side for so long.