Last week, Momma & I traveled to North Carolina to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world. My cousin David always keeps us entertained & laughing, while his wife Becki is the consummate host, making delicious meals appear seemingly out of thin air (she is a serious chef, y'all). Their three kids-Eden, Asher, & Haddie Mae are SO much fun to hang out with, & are some of the funniest & most creative kids I've ever met. While we were there, we decided to take some new family pictures, realizing we had not taken any since Haddie was born, & we were able to sneak in a few extra pictures of Haddassah to celebrate her one-year birthday. We went to the cutest little downtown area & had a blast...but some of my favorites from the day are simply in their front yard, with the sunset light smiling down. This session reminds me why I am a photographer (because in this social-media crazed world, sometimes it's hard to remember)...capturing pure joy, love, & the essence of a family in such a way that they will be able to hold onto it for life. The older I get, the more I'm realizing that time seems to move at warp-speed, & I am always so honored that my clients (& family!) allow me to capture a small part of their life. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their session. As always, celebrate love...every second of every day. 

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