Whenever I photograph a wedding, especially one as gorgeous & love-filled as this one, it is SO hard to wait to bombard y'all with images from the day. Don't worry...the wait is over! Kelly & Lewis met each other at college, but didn't connect until the social media app, Tinder, brought them back together. The reason I love this little tidbit of their story is because it shows how The Lord uses every aspect of someone's life to bring them to his/her forever! Kelly & Lewis' wedding day was filled with joy, sunshine, (lots of) happy tears, some horseflies, & the Georgia summer heat. Hey...you have to have some of those things to make your wedding day memorable, right? The love that these two have for one another made the 100 degree day worth it, because when you're capturing emotion like that, you forget about the heat. Their bridal party was so much fun, & one of the most encouraging & excited groups I've ever had. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their day (it was so hard to choose!), & as always...celebrate love. 


Venue- Indigo Falls

Florist- A Perfect Wedding Floral Design

Hair- Melanie Salon

Makeup- Alicia Pope

Catering- Atlanta's Finest Catering