When Savannah approached me to be her wedding photographer, I was pretty ecstatic. She & Will are some of the coolest people I know, & I couldn't wait to see how their sessions would be. I knew that their photos would be fun & hip, but I could never have dreamed the love & romance that would come from them as well. We started our session in downtown Newnan, finding vintage brick & walls of windows from which to draw inspiration. We then chased the sunset out to a farm in Newnan, where Will proceeded to serenade Savannah with "her song", & they found a little time to dance in a field. These two have such an effortless love that jumps out at me & straight into my camera. I'm so honored they have chosen me to be a part of their day, & I can't wait until their wedding next year! Here is just a little slice of our time together. As always, celebrate love (& the sunset)!


From Will: I love that Savannah goes with the flow, & is  down to do anything. She is always willing to just hop in the car & adventure together!