This blog post is an emotional one for me to write, because I just love the people in these images so much! Jessie and Daniel are my in-laws, & they have given Jacob & I so much joy in their friendship + in allowing us to be a part of their children's lives. Judith & Kirk are the sweetest (+ cutest, funniest, most intelligent...okay I'll stop) babies in the world, & Bibi + Uncle Jacob love them both to the moon & back. Our nephew, Dayd, was also included in the session, & I think it is obvious to anyone who hangs around him for any length of time to see how amazing he is. This session was packed with emotion, because Daniel left for boot camp (he just joined the Navy) a few hours after. I am a crybaby, so I was holding back tears as I watched their family interact. This is the real face of America, guys-not the mess we see promoted everyday. It's family units coming together to love & support one another as one member chooses to serve our country. I am forever grateful & proud to be part of this one. I hope you enjoy just a little peek into their day, & as always-celebrate love (& freedom).