A few weeks ago, I met Paige + Chip out at the Chattahoochee Coffee Company for their engagement session. Now, this isn't just an ole' coffee house...it's set on the Chattahoochee River (crazy, right?) & boasts some of the most spectacular views in the city. Even though it was seriously freezing outside, these two were such champs + their love was effortless & just as beautiful as the scenery. These two met while attending Georgia Tech, where I also met Paige. However, we didn't realize we knew one another until we were reintroduced at Christmas (by her brother, who is my small group leader...insane)! We had so much fun traipsing through the woods (okay, I didn't do it quite as gracefully as they did...but whatever), & ended our session with some coffee + hot chocolate to warm up. PS...that necklace that Paige is wearing? Yeah, it has the longitude + latitude coordinates of the exact spot where Chip proposed. Can you say SWOON?! I hope you guys enjoy these sneak peeks into their day, & I can't wait until their film scans come in! As always-don't forget to celebrate love!