When I started photographing with my Contax 645, I knew I had so much to learn...thankfully, I have some really pretty friends who let me practice on them ;) I have known Kerri since high school. & we are now in the same married small group through our church. She & Nick have been married just over a year, & they are some of the sweetest friends in the world. I knew that they would create some magic in front of the camera, but I was blown away by the love they have for one another. I can pose people as much as I want, but the look of adoration these two shared as they looked at their forever...that's all them. I am so thankful to them for their patience & cooperation, & I hope you adore their session as much as I do. Keep an eye out for a post coming soon on why I am choosing to learn film photography, & the benefits it has to you as a client. As always, celebrate love!