You guys...this family is just so special! I met Tessa when my so-close-we're-family (even if we're not blood related) brother, Andrew met + started dating her over 6 years ago. Thankfully, when Tessa came into our life, so did her amazing family. This is one of the warmest, most inviting families I've ever met, & I constantly want to just stay over & hang out any time I get to go to functions with them. I'm so thankful to them for sharing Tessa with me, because until I got married (+ gained an amazing sister-in-law), I had never experienced the love of a sister before. Crystal & Todd are at the helm of the Hanner's, & they just recently added another new member-Sarah! I had the privilege of taking Maci & Cody's wedding pictures over two years ago as well. Those two cute little boys are my favorites in all of the land, & I just simply had a blast getting to capture their entire family (!) in their new house. I hope you enjoy just a peek into their day, & as always...celebrate love!