When my sister-in-law approached me at the beginning of her second pregnancy & asked if I would be in the room with her during labor + delivery, my heart almost burst from joy! I was fortunate enough to capture my niece, Judith, coming into the world, & I couldn't wait to do it again for my nephew! Kirk was due on March 30, but he had other plans & decided to come along TWELVE days later. I have no idea how she managed to make it all that way, but Jessie straight-up kicked booty the whole way through. I got the call around 3 AM that they were headed to the hospital, & when I got there (after waiting for a few minutes for her to even be admitted), I SPRINTED down the hallway + made it for the last few minutes of the delivery. Y'all, when I tell you we cut it close, I mean it-she was in the elevator at 3:36 & Kirk was here at 4:09. Woah, right?! It was such an honor for me to be there, & I got to capture Jessie, Daniel, & Judith meeting Kirk as well. A few days ago, they all came over for some newborn pictures...is he not the cutest baby you've ever seen? It is so fun seeing Judith as a big sister, too...but maybe I am a little biased ;) I hope you enjoy a few pictures into their new, expanded family...as always, don't forget to celebrate LOVE!!!