There is always something so special about a newborn session for me as a photographer. It's almost as if I get to enter this sacred space that has been created by two people who love one another so much. Mister Asher's session was no different. I met his mom, Mandi, when she was a drama student at Columbus State, which is where my brother went as well. Fast-forward a few years & you find her married to Matthew, a supremely kind & talented director. They both work on the show The Walking Dead, which brought them closer to my hometown! Enter the sweetest little boy, Asher, & you officially have the newly-expanded Goodwin family. It was such a joy for me to get to capture the three of them at such a precious time, & I hope you adore this peek into their session as much as I do. As always, celebrate love (& super teeny-tiny baby toes)!